New Consultation – Face to Face £250
New Consultation – Remote (Telephone/Video) £200
One-Stop Consultation (Consultation + Surgery) – Reduced Fee Make An Enquiry
Follow Up £175
QuickDermAdvice £50
E-Dermatology £150
Repeat Prescription £25
Skin Surgery and Injections
Mole/Lesion Removal by Elliptical Excision £450
Mole/Lesion Removal by Shave Excision £350
Cyst/Lipoma Removal – Reduced Initial Consultation Fee Make An Enquiry
Additional Mole/Lesion/Cyst/Lipoma Removal – Reduced Fee Make An Enquiry
Skin Biopsy £350
Scalp Biopsy for Hair Loss £500
Immunofluorescence £500
Cryotherapy – 1 to 5 lesions £150
Cryotherapy – 5 to 10 lesions £250
Skin Tag Removal (up to 5) £150
Intralesional Steroid Injection (per vial) £150
Botox Injection for Hyperhidrosis (Both Armpits) £400
Skin Swabs and Blood Tests
Mycology (Fungal Studies) – Skin/Nails £145
Skin Swab (Bacterial Microscopy and Culture) £110
Blood Test for Skin/Food Allergy From £35
Pregnancy Test (urine) £10


Histology involves sending the skin specimen to the laboratory for analysis under a special microscope to make sure specimen does not have abnormal cells, or signs of cancer. It is considered best practise to have this done with every mole removal or other suspicious lesion removed. Histology also helps diagnose unusual rash. It can take up to 5-10 working days for the results to come back.  Cost of Histology is included in the above price list and there is no additional cost.  Prices quoted above are per specimen.

**Blood Tests

Blood tests are not done at Westland Medical Centre. You will given a blood test request form to be taken to one of the local private hospitals to have blood tests done there.

Important Notice:

Consultation is required before any treatment or procedure can be carried out. I cannot guarantee that treatment will be possible until the lesion and skin problem has been assessed first. 

Cryotherapy, Intralesional Steroid Injection and Skin Biopsy can be performed during the initial consultation. Skin surgery for removal of moles/lesions/cysts can also be carried out on the same day depending upon the size and location of lesion/mole/cyst and how busy the clinic is. Botox Injections for hyperhidrosis need to be ordered from a special pharmacy before your appointment and you will need to inform me in advance if you are making an appointment for this.

For some conditions it may be necessary to refer you back to your GP to be referred to NHS Dermatology or fast-track referral to the skin cancer clinic. If your presentation or skin problem is of complex nature or beyond my level of expertise then I will recommend another specialist. 

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