Online Dermatologist UK

Online Dermatologist UK

Looking for an Online Dermatologist?

The hectic pace of modern life means many of us simply can’t find the time to book into the doctor and get niggles and issues checked out. Your health should be a priority but it can be difficult when getting an appointment with a specialist is also subject to long waiting lists. When it comes to dermatology, patients can benefit from sophisticated and efficient online consultations and treatment recommendations.

An online dermatologist can safely and accurately practice their specialist online using images and questionnaires. With the right information a dermatologist can diagnose and treat a range of different skin conditions with no need for a face-to-face appointment. Dr Yasir Mirza operates an e-Dermatology service which allows easy access to specialists in the field whenever you need them.

Why opt for Online Dermatologist UK?

Opting to have your condition assessed online is quick and convenient and ensures a rapid turnaround for diagnosis and treatment of any common skin condition. The process is also cost effective and there is no need to take time out of your workplace or schedule to turn up for an appointment. You can access specialist advice without waiting for your turn on the waiting list and it is commonly popular with people who aren’t based near big urban area and may need to travel considerably out of their way to access the services they need. If making in-person appointments is difficult for you, then an online dermatologist may be the best option.

Are all Conditions suitable for Online Dermatology?

Online dermatology is generally used for common conditions, although the online service can suggest you seek further in-person advice and treatment if necessary. Some of the common conditions you can get help with include:

  • Benign lesions
  • Lesions and moles for examination
  • Hives
  • Unknown rashes and itching
  • Common nail disorders
  • Viral warts
  • Scalp problems
  • Pigmentation problems
  • General dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Alopecia
  • Acne
  • Rosacea

Getting the most from an Online Dermatologist

Describing your problem in as much detail as possible and including clear and bright photographs is the best place to start. This allows the specialist to get a full and transparent picture of your problem and make a fair assessment. The questionnaires provided are quite in depth to ensure all possible health issues are covered and the most accurate analysis, diagnosis and treatment can be provided.

Once the assessment is complete you may be prescribed specific treatment or you may even be able to  be booked in directly for the relevant skin surgery needed to treat your problem. In some instances, you may be required to have a further face-to-face or telephone/video consultation and this is something which you can discuss and decide individually.

The benefits of an online dermatologist are huge in the modern world and it could be a way of getting that uncomfortable skin issue treated without the hassle of waiting for an appointment or having to book unnecessary time off from your work.


It is quick and easy to start an E-Dermatology consultation with Dr Mirza – get in touch today to see how he can help.



Private Dermatologist in London – Dr Yasir Mirza

Private Dermatologist in London – Dr Yasir Mirza

Are you looking for a Private Dermatologist in London?

Patients may need the services of a private dermatologist in London due to a number of issues. Skin complaints and concerns can be very worrying and sometimes accessing private healthcare is the and most effective way of getting results and treatment quickly and efficiently. Dr Yasir Mirza is a highly experienced and qualified private dermatologist in London, open to patients who require a wide range of dermatology support and treatment.

Should I see a Private Dermatologist?

Visiting a private dermatologist is a highly personal decision. People can develop a wide range of different skin conditions and a dermatologist is the best professional available to provide support, testing and treatment to help manage or cure any condition. Opting for a private dermatologist ensures you are benefitting from the highest levels of care and the convenience of appointments which suit your schedule, including video and telephone appointments as well as face-to-face.

If you have a skin problem, then getting a referral to a private clinic is straightforward or you can opt to contact your chosen private doctor directly. Your GP can provide a referral letter I you have a concern, and you can choose the private dermatologist you want to visit and arrange an appointment at your convenience. The same is the case if you opt to book directly.

What will my Dermatologist Do?

Dermatologists can help with a wide range of skin complaints, including those related to other conditions or health issues. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so we need to take good care of it and seek reliable and qualified help when we have issues. This where your dermatologist comes in. Skin conditions can be anything from issues with acne to eczema and dermatitis to hair and nail problems. Dermatologists can find solutions for all kinds of skin issues and you can also find dermatologists who specialise in particular areas which may help you choose the right doctor for your health needs.

Dr Mirza is highly experienced in a wide range of dermatological specialist areas and conditions and also has special interests in the treatment of melasma, difficult asthma, oral retinoid, hair loss treatments and nail disorders. He specialises in helping patients manage their skin conditions and find an appropriate treatment to soothe symptoms and eradicate them completely where possible.

Dr Mirza – Private Dermatologist in London

Dr Mirza offers his expertise and specialist knowledge for patients from London and further afield. As well as offering quick and easy instant dermatology specialist advice online, appointments can be booked with ease. Consultations can be arranged with ease and from the first consultation patients benefit from high quality bespoke and individualised care which looks at your skin concern holistically and professionally, considering your personal health background, symptoms and experiences.

Getting the right treatment for your skin concern can be the difference between continual discomfort and distress and getting back to normal. Skin and nail complaints can damaging for self-esteem and the sooner you’re able to get professional support, the sooner you can move forward.

To book an appointment with Dr Mirza please contact: +441708205149 or

Find a Dermatologist in London

Find a Dermatologist in London

Dermatology support and treatments in London

Many skin, hair and nail conditions lead to distress, discomfort and the need to medical advice and support. This is when you look to find specialist help for a dermatologist.

There are a wide range of experienced and knowledgeable dermatologists across the UK, offering specialist care for people with a range of skin conditions.

Dr Yasir Mirza is a dermatology specialist who works with a wide range of patients. An experienced, dermatologist in London, Dr Mirza has combined his general practitioner training with dermatology to provide a high level of care and treatment for people with a range of skin-related health issues.


Dr. Yasir Mirza: Dermatologist in London

Dr Mirza has considerable experience in a range of dermatological conditions. Working with both adults and children he provides clinics in Hornchurch and Central London and is dedicated to a highly individualised and personal level of care.

He has membership of the Royal College of Physicians and General Practitioners and regularly contributes to highly reputed dermatology journals. While Dr Mirza is happy and experienced in working with people with a wide range of skincare issues, he has special interests in managing nail disorders and melasma.

Patients looking for a specialist in this area can directly contact Dr Mirza or discuss a referral with their GP.

Skin Conditions a Dermatologist can help with

A dermatologist can help to diagnose and treat any condition which affects the skin, and also often the nails and conditions such as hair loss. Visitors to private dermatology clinics usually look for support with conditions such as:

  • Unusual moles and skin cancer screening
  • Lesion and mole checking in general
  • Pigmentation problems
  • Unknown rashes
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Hair loss
  • Warts and verruca


Treatment may include a range of different therapies dependent on the condition.

Surgery can be arranged for the removal of warts, cysts, skin tags and other lesions to the skin. It may also be possible to arrange cryotherapy which freezes a localised area for the removal of warts or treating conditions like solar keratosis. These are just some of the possible treatments which may be necessary to alleviate the symptoms of a skin condition and your chosen dermatologist in London will discuss your options with you before going ahead with any particular treatment.

Dermatology Referral in London

To be referred for a private dermatology appointment there are two usual routes.

You can self-refer and contact the doctor directly or you can get a referral from your GP.

GP referrals are usually recommended if you are hoping to claim on your health insurance as they are often a condition of the policy.

Private consultations have the benefit of being arranged in keeping with your schedule and usually very quickly, avoiding the waiting lists that can unfortunately be the norm when awaiting an NHS dermatology referral.

Your private dermatologist will carefully examine your problem and provide advice and recommendations for treatment. Even if you do decide to go forward with surgery, this can usually be arranged very quickly.

Book an appointment

To book an appointment with Dr Mirza please contact: +441708 205 149 or

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