Are you looking for a Private Dermatologist in London?

Patients may need the services of a private dermatologist in London due to a number of issues. Skin complaints and concerns can be very worrying and sometimes accessing private healthcare is the and most effective way of getting results and treatment quickly and efficiently. Dr Yasir Mirza is a highly experienced and qualified private dermatologist in London, open to patients who require a wide range of dermatology support and treatment.

Should I see a Private Dermatologist?

Visiting a private dermatologist is a highly personal decision. People can develop a wide range of different skin conditions and a dermatologist is the best professional available to provide support, testing and treatment to help manage or cure any condition. Opting for a private dermatologist ensures you are benefitting from the highest levels of care and the convenience of appointments which suit your schedule, including video and telephone appointments as well as face-to-face.

If you have a skin problem, then getting a referral to a private clinic is straightforward or you can opt to contact your chosen private doctor directly. Your GP can provide a referral letter I you have a concern, and you can choose the private dermatologist you want to visit and arrange an appointment at your convenience. The same is the case if you opt to book directly.

What will my Dermatologist Do?

Dermatologists can help with a wide range of skin complaints, including those related to other conditions or health issues. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so we need to take good care of it and seek reliable and qualified help when we have issues. This where your dermatologist comes in. Skin conditions can be anything from issues with acne to eczema and dermatitis to hair and nail problems. Dermatologists can find solutions for all kinds of skin issues and you can also find dermatologists who specialise in particular areas which may help you choose the right doctor for your health needs.

Dr Mirza is highly experienced in a wide range of dermatological specialist areas and conditions and also has special interests in the treatment of melasma, difficult asthma, oral retinoid, hair loss treatments and nail disorders. He specialises in helping patients manage their skin conditions and find an appropriate treatment to soothe symptoms and eradicate them completely where possible.

Dr Mirza – Private Dermatologist in London

Dr Mirza offers his expertise and specialist knowledge for patients from London and further afield. As well as offering quick and easy instant dermatology specialist advice online, appointments can be booked with ease. Consultations can be arranged with ease and from the first consultation patients benefit from high quality bespoke and individualised care which looks at your skin concern holistically and professionally, considering your personal health background, symptoms and experiences.

Getting the right treatment for your skin concern can be the difference between continual discomfort and distress and getting back to normal. Skin and nail complaints can damaging for self-esteem and the sooner you’re able to get professional support, the sooner you can move forward.

To book an appointment with Dr Mirza please contact: +441708205149 or

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